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The Emotion Code  (Energy Healing)

Craniosacral Therapy

Spectrochrome Light Therapy

DNA music

Zero Point Technology

Essential Oil aroma

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My name is Wynette Johnson RN  since 1983. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been enthralled with the bodies ability to self correct. I have  studied the tools, the processes and craniosacral therapy is the most effective way to safely restore the body. The Emotion Code is an breakthrough in Energy Healing. I'm proud to have collaborated with some of the most talented educators in the industry. The Upledger Institute produces the most qualified therapists in the country.  We strive to create the most peaceful space needed for release of stress and tension. We specialize in Craniosacral therapy . What we really do is help people achieve their maximum potential with therapy and support balance with natural supplements. The key to wellness is cellular health. ASEA supports cellular health.

Begin Your personal journey towards longevity and radiant health today!

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September 2016

Adult Emotion Code Session

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Science shows comprehensive benefits.

The only redox supplement we endorse!
ASEA and Renu 28 contain bioidentical redox signalling molecules needed by the bodies cells to support every body system:
Immune activity     
Energy Metabolism

Digestive Health            
Antioxidant protection
Mental Cognition
Genetic Expression
Joint and muscle function

Remember that you are responsible for your own body's wellness. The advice and services provided by Artesian Wellness are for personal self-improvement and do not intend to replace the advice of your Medical Practitioner.

July 2016